Baby’s My First Teddy Bear

The only thing that is almost as soft and cuddly as a new little baby is your baby’s first teddy bear. There is nothing more special than baby’s very first BBF – Best Bear Friend! But not just any bear will do for baby’s first teddy bear.

Each one of these teddy bears has completed the rigorous First Teddy Bear Training Camp, and are now experts at giving hugs, sharing secrets, and being completely safe teddy bears for baby to be around (each one meets all U.S. safety standards!)

Our first teddy bear friends also make excellent baby shower teddy bear guests, will gladly meet you at the hospital to be baby’s first teddy bear gift, and can help you count down the days until your new baby arrives by keeping the nursery safe and tidy!

Choosing your baby’s first teddy bear is a special experience. Shorty, Candy, and Babs are all waiting to help make a lifetime of wonderful teddy bear memories with your sweet baby.

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