Bear Hug Care Packages

Bear Hug Care Packages include Personalized Teddy Bears

We at Giant Teddy believe that bear hugs are the best kind of hugs and that care packages are the next best thing to receiving a hug. This is why we named our Giant Teddy care packages, Bear Hug Care Packages. Send a big, sweet bear hug and one of our personalized teddy bears with an exclusive Giant Teddy Bear Hug Care Package.

Bear Hug Care Packages are the perfect all-in-one-gift. Whether your special someone just needs some cheering up, you want to say happy birthday, or you need a congratulatory gift, these deliverables are perfect for any occasion. Each custom designed Bear Hug Care Package includes one of our adorable Giant Teddy plush bears with yummysweets and other little extras to express happiness and kindness on any day of the year!

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