Giant Teddy Valentine’s Day FAQ

Q: Can I still order a gift to arrive on Valentine’s Day?

A: No.

If you are reading this, we have cut off our Valentine’s Day orders due to extremely high volume. Anything placed at this time will not ship out until AFTER Valentine’s Day.

We value our customers and do not want anyone to be disappointed. We felt that continuing to take orders after it became less than 100% guaranteed we could fulfill them by Valentine’s Day was risking your happiness and satisfaction, something we just won’t do.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Giant Teddy!

Q: How will you know when I want my bear delivered?
A: Step 5 in our Check-out process will ask you to physically type in the date you want your gift delivered in the comment box. If we are unable to meet your request for any reason, we will contact you asap.

Please keep in mind the date you are ordering and the shipping method you choose will influence our ability to deliver on specific dates.

Q: Do you ship overnight?
A: The short answer is "Yes" in the Continental US.

Q: Do you ship overnight?
A: The short answer is "Yes" in the Continental US.

The long answer is that we suggest you review our general and Valentine’s Day specific shipping policies to be sure you are ordering in enough time for your location and shipping method and know what options you have. See: Shipping

Q: This gift is a surprise - will the box give it away?
A: We normally ship in a white box with our Giant Teddy logo on it, and yes, that would probably give away the surprise! If you need a PLAIN BOX please tell us - use the comment box during checkout. We’ll send your order in a plain cardboard box, but the shipping label might still be a clue.

Q: Can I have my Valentine’s Day gift delivered in person?
A: Not through Giant Teddy. We deliver to the valid shipping address you provide generally through our preferred carrier, FedEx.

Please see our Shipping Page for more information on shipping policies.

Q: Can you add something like flowers to my teddy bear order?
A: No.

Q: Can I customize my order?
A: We have designed a number of personalized teddy bears wearing cute shirts including Valentine’s Day styles that will allow you to create a personal message to your Valentine (typically up to 5 words) and any of those bears that are in stock are a great way to customize your gift.

But the bears are so busy working with Cupid to get all the Valentines out we can’t do anything custom beyond what is available directly on the website during this time of year. Check out our Valentine's Day Bears and Packages

Q: Who loves getting a Giant Teddy Bear at Valentine’s Day?
A: Isn’t the question really Who DOESN’T love a Giant Teddy bear for Valentine’s Day?!

We’ve had orders for new babies, and grandparents turning 90. We get a lot of parents giving them to kids of all ages, from preschool to college.

And of course, at Valentine’s Day, we get so many romantic purchases from guys to girls, and girls to guys, to say, "I love you" in a really BIG and adorably cuddly way.

There’s a bear for everyone, in every size and color imaginable.

If you don’t find THE bear you want on our Valentine’s Day page (which has some special personalized options, bears holding huge heart message pillows, and gift packages that include personalized greeting cards) check out our home page for ways to search by color or size.

Flowers and candy are nice but quickly fade away, but a Giant Teddy bear is forever - just like your love!

Still have unanswered questions? Chat with us or email us at:

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