The Mittens Family of Giant Teddy Bears has some of the cutest and most unique teddy bears you’ll ever meet. Every Mittens bear is big, soft and floppy with huge paws and half-closed eyes just drifting off for a little snooze. They are perfect to cuddle with, and their soft lanky arms, legs and body make them ideal to use as a bear pillow when you are watching your favorite movie (they aren’t picky, whatever you like is fine with them) talking on the phone to someone you love, or just day dreaming.

Our Mittens bears are holding a big red fluffy plush heart in one of their big mitten-like paws, and some have special giant plush hearts with messages on them. With their cute red bowties and red hearts they make great gifts for Valentine’s Day and Christmas, or for a college-bound student (who will also have sleepy eyes while up late studying and could use a comfy bear study buddy!) for Graduation.

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