Stuffed Koalas

When looking for a fun gift they are sure to love, a big, cuddly teddy bear is always a big hit. With our stuffed koalas, shake things up with a different member of the bear family! These fun-loving and adorable bears are ready to brighten the day of someone special for the bear-lover looking for something extra special.

We offer our loveable giant stuffed koala bears in a variety of sizes. With the smaller options of 20 inches and 34 inches at the ready, give a gift that is small enough not to be too over the top for the occasion or recipient yet still plenty of cuddly fun sure to impress. With our larger size of 45 inches, you can give a grand gesture gift they are sure to love. With a friendly face, big curious eyes, and a touchable soft nose, this bear is sure to make fast friends with everyone he meets along the way. Made with a focus on softness throughout, our life-size stuffed koalas feature touchable, soft fur that is always plush and pleasant to touch. The stuffing is anti-clump and offers a pleasing cushioning effect with every embrace. From ears to the paws and everything in between, our bears are soft and perfect for cuddling for years to come for a gift they are sure to appreciate. This bear is perfect for all occasions for any bear lover and is always ready to meet new friends! We offer this adorable bear in a few different styles to help you make the most of the occasion. For instance, choose just the bear or options with the bear and a giant fluffy red pillow in the shape of a heart for added appeal. The hearts even come complete with special declarations of love for an extra romance to the gift. Regardless of which option is right for your occasion or special recipient, we have you covered with this fun, loveable koala bear. Order today and make someone's day extra special!