Orange Teddy Bears

Every color has its own unique meaning. For example, the color orange represents warmth, encouragement, health, and positivity. With a giant orange teddy bear from our collection in this shade, you can help brighten the day of someone special with a new friend! Perfect for someone in need of encouragement, sports fans with orange in the team colors, or just anyone who loves this shade, these bears are cuddly and colorful for a playful gift they are sure to love.

We offer several choices for choosing a friendly orange teddy bear whether as a gift to yourself or as a present for someone special in your life. While the orange shade is the same vibrant and fun hue throughout the collection, you still have a choice on the matter of size. When looking for a smaller gift, consider a 2 foot or a 30-inch option ideal for children or a less ostentatious gift. When you want to go big and bold, a big orange bear in a 4 foot or 6-foot size is a grand gesture they are sure to love. With their vibrant orange-red fur, sweet smiles, and warm brown eyes, these lively bears are ready to make new friends and enjoy a few cuddles along the way. Made with a focus on softness throughout, our bears are stuffed with extra love in the form of anti-clump stuffing and stitched with care for a long-lasting gift they will always treasure. From the soft, touchable ears and paws to the big cuddly belly, these bears are made for giving warm bear hugs and making new friends. Their big fluffy bowties give them a dressed up finishing touch for a fancy bear you will love showing off to friends and family. Order today and give someone a gift they will love in this vibrant color!

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