Meet our Chubs Family of Giant Teddy Bears!

When you want a huggable squeezable armful of big teddy bear, you need a Chubs bear from Giant Teddy. These sweet teddy bears are our biggest family of bears – and around here, that’s pretty impressive. Everything about them is big and cuddly! The Chubs family is extra plump and teddy bear chubby, with big oversized heads, soft plush noses, full round arms and legs and a big chubby tummy. They even have a cute little teddy bear tail in back. Their fur is so soft and cuddly, once you hug one you’ll never want to let go. Chubs bears come in lots of wonderful fur colors and sizes from really big to enormously huge –find your favorite and invite that bear home to live with you, or send someone a gift they will remember forever with love. Life is better with a Giant Teddy bear, and our Chubs family is adorably awesome.