When looking to show someone how much you love them, you need a gift that is bold and big. With pillow hearts from Giant Teddy, show how much you care with a gift that will make them think of you every time they use it. Perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any day when you want to remind your significant other how much they mean to you, these heart-shaped pillows are an easy way to spread love and happiness to someone special in your life.

We offer several options for adding this thoughtful gift to their day. Made with a focus on softness for an option they will love using for their head or hugging when they miss you, these pillows offer velvety surfaces and anti-clump stuffing for an option that is comfortable and cuddly for years. Many of these Valentine's pillows are made with special sayings for an added appeal and romantic touch your beloved is sure to appreciate. From sayings of "I love you" to "Just Because" and more, we offer a wide range of sayings to allow your true feelings to show through with this thoughtful gift. Choose from a range of sizes as well with options available in our standard size and our huge body-sized pillow of 56 inches for a more glamorous approach to gift giving. In addition to the pillows by themselves, we also offer select options with a big, cuddly bear and pillow in one for an added value and extraordinary gift sure to brighten their day. Whether you are shopping for Valentine's Day or just to show you care, this selection of cuddly, soft gifts has you covered. Order today and let them know how much they really mean to you!

We are committed to outstanding customer service with every order. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us today. We are always happy to help in any way.