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Giving Back

Our giant furry friends are all about kindness, and we like to give back to our community and world whenever possible. Each year, we set some Giving Back goals to help our community and beyond, donating time and stuffed animals to causes selected by our employees.Giant Teddy is a family company so we won’t always be the biggest contributor to any cause, but we definitely do what we can with a GIANT heart.

Paws for A Cause

Our big bears have BIG hearts. They love being part of charitable efforts and awareness building – and they have some perfect fur colors for that special job!

Go PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness

Our big pink bears have been spotted at breast cancer charity events all over California and the United States. We even designed some special “Paws for the Cause” shirts you can add to them for your own gifts or campaigns. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Giant Teddy can usually be found doing something BEARY special to help out. Past partners have included Susan G. Komen of Orange County and Breast Cancer Can Stick It, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Go BLUE for Autism Awareness!

We have some amazingblue teddy bears that love being the color most associated with Autism Awareness campaigns. We’ve had a lot of our customers purchase our bears because they are big and soft and help in sensory therapy. The month of April is special for Autism Awareness, and our team is working on ideas for a special teddy t-shirt featuring the puzzle.

Go PURPLE for Epilepsy Awareness!

November is devoted to Epilepsy Awareness, and our gorgeous purple teddy bears have done some great work. Giant Teddy donates 10% of profits on purple bear sales in the month of November. Past recipients include CURE and local outreach.

Some of our past efforts include:

  • Children’s Hospital Charities
  • Susan G. Komen of Orange County
  • Breast Cancer Can Stick It
  • Epilepsy Awareness Campaigns and CURE
  • Autism Awareness Campaigns
  • Children’s Cancer Campaigns
  • Local Library Events
  • School Library Programs
  • Giant Teddy Team Walkathon Participation
  • Local Anaheim Events
  • Donate a Teddy Bear
  • Throughout the year, Giant Teddy supports various children’s hospitals by donating teddy bears. Sometimes we invite our social media followers to join us in a Charity Challenge and other times it is a quiet donation behind the scenes.
  • Bringing a smile to a child who is in the hospital is a beary special teddy bear mission. If you would like to help us donate bears, please Contact Us for more information.
  • Create a Special Cause Bear
  • If you have a special cause near to your heart, or know a person who needs some special attention and would like to create a special bear just for them, we can help with our Personalized Teddy Bears. You can Contact Us for more information.
  • Giant Teddy knows there are many worthy causes out there, and while we can’t support them all, we applaud everyone who steps forward to do their part in some way to make our world a better, happier, healthier place to be.

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