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5ft Adorable ‘Get Well Soon’ Teddy Bears in Pink, Cream, or Mocha, with cute bear shirt and custom-positioned bandage


Get well cards are nice, but why not send something soft, furry and huggable? Our huge 60-inch Get Well Soon teddy bears will send a big message of love to anyone who isn’t feeling well. They come in 3 beautifully cuddly soft fur colors: light pink Gigi Chubs, vanilla cream Smiley Chubs and mocha brown Buttercup Chubs. Each bear is wearing our custom Get Well Soon shirt design.

Our enormous and adorable Get Well Soon bears also come with a custom adhesive strip type bandage that you can have applied to any part of the bear in sympathy for whatever boo-boo your special recipient is going through.

Just seeing one of our big bears will help anyone feel better faster. They go through special Bear Medical Training to learn how to expertly kiss boo-boos, when to listen quietly while the doctor is talking, and how to comfort people who are feeling sick. And they each specialize in giving Get Well Soon hugs whenever one is needed.

Our big extra chubby Get Well Soon Bears meet the highest possible USA safety and craftsmanship standards. We know how much thought you put into your feel better and get well gifts for the people you care about, and we put our Paw of Honor guarantee behind every single Giant Teddy bear.

Our 60-inch Get Well Soon Teddy Bears come wearing a custom white bear t-shirt made for our big bears, and feature our design of crossed traditional beige strip bandages with a heart in the center where they cross, and the words, “Get Well Soon” printed on the front of the shirt.

You also get to choose where our special Giant Teddy strip bandage goes on the bear using our pull-down menu to tell us what part of the bear has the boo-boo.

Choose one of our 60-inch Get Well Soon Bear Team:

60” Gigi Chubs is a beautiful light rose pink teddy bear and is extra good at spreading love wherever she goes. Gigi is an excellent listener and will stay very quiet while you rest. She is ideal for anyone who loves pink, and her soft fur is wonderfully huggable. Gigi’s bandage is red with a pink heart on it.

60” Smiley Chubs is a sweet big chubby bear who will make you feel better just seeing his cute face. His fur is a luscious vanilla cream and is incredibly soft. He loves to sit and talk quietly with you, and he is very good at helping with crossword puzzles. Smiley’s bandage is brown with a red heart on it.

60” Buttercup Chubs is a loveable plump bear with mocha brown fur. He is an expert hugger, and can make anyone smile. Sometimes he tells silly jokes to make you feel better, but mostly he sits quietly by your side letting you know you are never alone. Buttercup’s bandage is brown with a red heart on it.

Each Giant Teddy bear is made of high quality plush fabric and passes all U.S. safety standards. Every Giant Teddy bear is guaranteed for 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material and workmanship. The accessories and props, including clocks & heart pillows, pictured alongside this item may not be included; they are shown for size and proportion comparison only. See product description for accessories, if any, included with this item

5ft Adorable ‘Get Well Soon’ Teddy Bears in Pink, Cream, or Mocha, with cute bear shirt and custom-positioned bandage Reviews

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