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Giant 4ft Personalized Graduation Teddy Bears in 6 color choices

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Graduation is a really big deal – and it deserves a really big bear! This graduating class at Giant Teddy is an elite group of huge personalized graduation teddy bears that will commemorate this special time in life with adorable style.

These bears are extra chubby and big, with soft cuddly fur in your choice of 6 awesome colors. They stand a whopping 4 feet tall and are wearing a custom graduation cap design shirt with a personal message from you to the graduate.

Our Chubs personalized graduation bears are bigger proportionally than any other Giant Teddy Bear Family... and if you’ve seen our teddy bears, you know that’s really impressive! The Chubs family has huge teddy bear heads, big silly brown noses, full round arms and legs, a tubby teddy tummy and even a cute little tail in back. They are plump and soft and amazingly huggable, and make the perfect personalized graduation gift.

Our 48in graduate bears are wearing a custom shirt in white with a black graduation cap design on it and room for a 3-5 word message from you on the front. These soft teddy bear shirts are easy to remove for washing, in case your bear is the adventurous type!

Which bear would your graduate love? Why don’t you meet our Graduating Class of 2016 to find out:

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4ft Cutie Chubs with Rich Amber Fur & personalized shirt: He’s a real cutie and a go-getter who loves to travel, with plans to open a BB&B one day (Bear Bed & Breakfast) where his famous honey sandwiches will be served.

4ft Big Chubs with Luscious Mocha Fur & personalized shirt: Big’s dashing teddy bear good looks and star performance on the Teddy Bear Sports Team made him very popular with everyone at school. He won the prestigious award for Outstanding Achievement in Teddy Bear Softness his senior year.

4ft Gigi Chubs with Beautiful Rose Pink Fur & personalized shirt: Gigi is precious, pretty and pink with a real head for business and a flair for fashion design. She’s a brilliant bear scholar with a 4.0 in Adorableness.

4ft Sprinkle Chubs with Soft White Fur & personalized shirt: Sprinkle dazzled as captain of the debate and tennis teams, is a natural leader who loves hugs and is outrageously cute.

4ft Sammy Chubs with Sky Blue Plushy Fur & personalized shirt: Sammy was a bit of a class clown in school always making everyone smile, wowed theater-goers with his star performance in “Bear Fiddler on the Roof” and was just voted Most Likely To Succeed in Being a Huggable Bear.

4ft Munchkin Chubs with Deep Dark Chocolate Fur & personalized shirt: Munchkin was President of the Senior Class and seems destined for great things in business or politics with his ability to persuade and charm, and his profitable campus business experience selling paw-friendly keyboards to the bear student body.

No matter which Chubs Personalized Graduation Teddy Bear you choose, your gift will mean the world to the special graduate in your life, and your personalized message of congratulations on a job well done will be with them wherever the future takes them.

Giant Teddy knows that you put a lot of thought into your personalized graduation teddy bear gift, and we put our Paw of Honor behind every one of our bears. All of our Chubs bears are stuffed with love and made from only top quality materials that meet or exceed every US Safety Standard.

Each Giant Teddy bear is made of high quality plush fabric and passes all U.S. safety standards. Every Giant Teddy bear is guaranteed for 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material and workmanship. The accessories and props, including clocks & heart pillows, pictured alongside this item may not be included; they are shown for size and proportion comparison only. See product description for accessories, if any, included with this item

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