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Life Size 5ft Ask a Date To Prom Teddy Bear Sunny Cuddles Mocha Fur

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5ft Prom Teddy Bear Mocha Sunny Cuddles

Asking your date to prom has never been cuter than using one of our life size 5ft (60in) Go To Prom With Me bears to create a special memory for this special event. Sunny Cuddles is HUGE – really, he’s as big as a person! He has the softest fur you’ve ever felt in a beautiful mocha brown color, and he’s cuddly and huggable all over. Sunny has big brown eyes, a soft black nose, and is always smiling. Your date just has to say “Yes” if Sunny asks! He’s wearing our “Prom?” shirt with a heart design, half of which is a question mark.

The shirt is specially sized for our 5ft (60in) Sunny Cuddles, and is washable and removable, so your date will end up with a teddy bear friend forever and the prom shirt can go in his/her memory box.

How BIG is this Giant Teddy?
Sunny Cuddles is a huge life size teddy bear 60in tall (5’ 0”) and here is how that looks: 

Ready for your perfect Promposal??
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Each Giant Teddy bear is made of high quality plush fabric and passes all U.S. safety standards. Every Giant Teddy bear is guaranteed for 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material and workmanship. The accessories and props, including clocks & heart pillows, pictured alongside this item may not be included; they are shown for size and proportion comparison only. See product description for accessories, if any, included with this item

Life Size 5ft Ask a Date To Prom Teddy Bear Sunny Cuddles Mocha Fur Reviews

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