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4ft life size My First Christmas Personalized Teddy Bear Baby Blue


‘My First Christmas’ Personalized Teddy Bear
Life Size 48in Blue Happy Cuddles

Bear Bio:
Happy Cuddles is a blue life size 4ft (48in) “My First Christmas” Personalized Teddy Bear, and he will make this first holiday season with your new baby boy extra sweet and memorable with fun photo opportunities gathered around the tree with family and friends. Happy Cuddles has perfect baby boy light sky blue fur that is as soft as – well, a baby! Happy has warm brown eyes, a soft, chubby black nose and a great big smile. For this special occasion, Happy is wearing our personalized shirt  featuring the text, “My First Christmas” along with your baby’s first name and the year, and a sweet teddy bear design. The shirt is white, removable and washable. Happy Cuddles can go on to become your son’s Best Bear Friend for years to come – and you can keep the personalized shirt in your baby memory box. 

How BIG is this Giant Teddy?
Happy Cuddles Personalized “My First Christmas” teddy bear is a life size 48in (4’ 0”) tall and here is how that looks:


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Each Giant Teddy bear is made of high quality plush fabric and passes all U.S. safety standards. Every Giant Teddy bear is guaranteed for 6 months, from the purchase date, against defects in material and workmanship. The accessories and props, including clocks & heart pillows, pictured alongside this item may not be included; they are shown for size and proportion comparison only. See product description for accessories, if any, included with this item

4ft life size My First Christmas Personalized Teddy Bear Baby Blue Reviews

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